Thursday, February 12, 2009

6 months!

Maddie is six months old! Holy cow, time has really flown by. All those cliches about babies are so true...the really do grow up so fast! One of the best things is watching her learn. She can roll over, sit up, attempt to crawl (looks more like she's doing the "worm"), blow raspberries, and babble fun sounds. Her favorite is "da-deeee" and "da-DAD!" but I told Andy that all babies say that first, and she still has no idea what it means. Yes, I am jealous that she doesn't say "Dearest Mother" yet. She also does a funny thing now where she will become obsessed with something so tiny you don't even know what she is staring at, like the zipper or button on your shirt. And she laughs all the time, which is so awesome!

Andy is staying busy with work like always, but we are both really thankful that he has such a good job right now. He is getting ready to move into a new building, with a new snazzy corner office like the executives on TV ;) Now, if I can just convince him to stop wearing jeans and sweatshirts to the office everyday. As for me, my big project is trying to organize all my projects! I have a long list of things I want to do around the house, but can't figure out where or how to start. After 2 1/2 years here, our bedroom still has pictures leaned up against the wall, waiting to be hung. I will get it all done sometime!

Also, if anyone has a webcam we are on Skype and Windows Live Messenger now. You can just search for my name and email and add us. We would love to see some family and friends!

Ok, now for the fun stuff! Pictures and video!

6 Months Old!

New Summer Outfit

Still No Teeth :)


Please, can I just have my milk?

So here is the video of Maddie's first experience with vegetables. She had never had anything but breast milk and some occasional cereal until yesterday. The part where she starts gagging should tell you how she felt about it.