Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snowmageddon, Smiles, and Such

So you might have heard that we got a little bit of snow here in North Texas over Valentine's Day weekend. I've commented in the past that people down here lose their minds over any snow at all, and I'm sorry to report that the condition is contagious. I have started fanatically reading, checking the news, consulting soothsayers (just kidding) and generally freaking out when ever I hear the words "Winter Weather." The funny thing about this snow, however, was that it wasn't supposed to be a big deal at all! What started out as rain and possibly some sleet turned into the most snow seen here in around 70 years. I remember Andy leaving in the morning on Thursday and saying, "Huh, it's snowing." 24 hours later, we were completely blanketed in 12 inches (up to 14 nearby) of the "white death," as it's lovingly called down here.

The best thing about this "weather event" was honestly the fact that it was so unexpected, and SUCH a big deal. The newscasters kept tossing around the term "Once in A Lifetime Snow." They don't expect anyone living here to EVER see anything like this again. That made it really special, in a crazy way. And I loved how excited the native Texans got...pretty much everyone we knew had never seen more than an inch or so. I was really happy for all the kids that got to enjoy it, and the parents too! Here are some pictures I took early Friday morning, when it had been snowing for 24 consecutive hours.

Our house in the snow. The tire tracks are from Andy leaving for work (like a fool) and me getting stuck in the driveway. I also got stuck in my friend Madeline's driveway Thursday morning, and in the Chick-fil-a drive thru. They were nice enough to send out some young men to push me out. Sorry, Baby Ocho needed a chicken biscuit BAD!

Maddie in the snow at the beginning of the storm, when we had about 4 inches. I asked her if she liked the snow, and she said "No! Cold!" Then I asked her if she thought it was pretty, and she said "NO!!" Then she fell down and started to cry.
But, snow or no snow, it WAS Valentine's Day weekend! The Owens Family paid us a visit and we were all so excited! My good friend Elizabeth watched all three kiddos for us (what a champ!) so we could have Parents' Night Out at Edelweiss, a traditional German restaurant in Fort Worth. Audra wrote a great post about it, including pictures and video, go read it and then come back for more here!

I'm getting really lazy about taking pictures, so the only one I have worth posting is of the kids, of course. Here are Aidan, Neely, and Maddie pretty much being themselves.

Aidan, in a state of undress. Neely, sweet and dainty. Maddie, looking insane. PS, Audra made that shirt for Maddie, so cute!
The very next weekend our good friends the Spences were in town to celebrate Abigail's (neighbors Scott and Sarah's baby) first birthday. So Saturday night our house was packed with kids and friends. Can't think of anything I like more!

Part of the crowd. In attendance were the Spences and their two boys, Nathan and new baby Jacob, The Hoelzers with Jordana, The Mysers with Abby, the Sutherlins, and of course the Greiner 3. A full house, for sure!

Maddie's long distance love, Nathan.
Sweet baby Jake...
Maddie and her best friend Miss Kensley! They looooove each other so much!

Last but not least, a pic of Maddie and Mommy, because there aren't too many of those! She is such a big girl!

In related news, I am almost 6 months pregnant with Baby Ocho (she still doesn't have a name) and hanging in there. There are a ton of changes that will be happening around our house between now and June, when the real fun begins! I promise to keep everyone posted, maybe not too frequently, but I'll do my best. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and hearing what we've been up to lately! I'm looking forward to some spring weather, how about you?