Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Preparations: Version 2.0

So I've been a bad blogger again and haven't updated in a while! I would like to say it's been because I have been so busy, but unfortunately I have to cite some of my many character flaws: impatience and laziness, mainly. I HATE dealing with our I put it off as much as possible. But since I needed to sit down and do some Christmas shopping anyway I decided to make it a point to get an update out! Here's what's going on in our world:


Thanksgiving went really well! Andy did a great job on the stuffing and the turkey, and my side dishes turned out surprisingly good too! Our guests seemed to really enjoy the meal--we even had one turkey-induced nap on the couch afterward. My only regret is that I was so busy trying to cook that I didn't take a single picture. So I don't have cookbook quality photos of my beautiful meal, or even a family picture of the three of us. Oh well, maybe next year I'll remember!

First Snow:

It snowed in Texas last week! It wasn't very much, and it was gone after a few hours, but it was such a shock! I snapped a couple pictures with my phone. Unfortunately, I am not a very prepared parent and hadn't even bought Maddie a coat or gloves for the year, so we couldn't go play. Hopefully we will get some more snow soon. It's hilarious when it snows down here, everyone acts like the world is going to end. :)


I haven't given a really detailed Maddie update in a while. She is having fun and learning new things everyday. We have started her in Gymboree, which she absolutely loves. I have also met some nice moms there, and we try to get together regularly outside of class. Her favorite things at Gymboree are Gymbo the clown puppet (he scares the you-know-what out of me, though), parachute time, and dancing to the music. We also always have Chik-fil-a for breakfast before class, and she loves hash browns more than anything on this earth right now! Well, except for her favorite game, which is called "Snag the dish towel put it over my head and run around until I hurt myself and fall down screaming." Fun times.

Maddie loves to "talk." She will grab anything and pretend it is a phone. She'll carry it around the house, hold it up to her ear and say "Hi!" over and over.

Most of the time she just makes alot of noise that I am supposed to understand, but she does say a lot of real words, too. The most common are Mom, Dad, Daisy, Hi, Dog, Up, Cup, Hat, Shoes, Pretty and Happy. It is the cutest thing ever when she says "Happy!" She even uses it in the right context.

She is definitely a very smart girl...she knows several of her books and toys by name, and will go get things and put them back if you ask her too. She is also getting very close (I think) to potty training. She always either goes into the laundry room or the bathroom and shuts the door to go potty. Then she will very politely use her sign language for "change me." She is really in to babies right now, and will give kisses and hugs to all her babies if you ask her. Sometimes Mom and Dad get kisses and hugs too, but she is stingy with those! She loves to use Daisy as a chair or pillow when she is watching TV. Poor Daisy, she is a really good sport about it!

Maddie has lots of little friends, but her best friend is Jordana. We get together with JoJo and her Mom about 2-3 times a week to play. They usually play together very well, and are very sweet and loving to each other. Unless, of course, one of them has something the other one wants. The the smacking, pushing, and hair pulling starts. How is it that baby girls are born knowing how to pull hair?!?! This is what they got into this morning when we weren't looking:

She is turning into a big girl before my eyes! I can't believe she will be 16 months old in just a few days!


Andy has had another great year at the office and we just celebrated with his Annual Christmas Party. It was different to get all dressed up when I spend most of the time in sweats! Again, no pictures. Andy also has a new hobby: growing a disgusting beard. I have expressed my dislike repeatedly, and have been told that he doesn't care. I'm thinking about growing my armpit hair out in protest.

Travel Plans:

We are gearing up for the big drive up to TN in a couple of weeks. Me, Andy, Maddie, the dog, luggage and a lot of presents are all going to be stuffed in the Pathfinder for a 14 hour drive. We are spending one night in TN, then getting up and driving to Cincinnatti! It is really stressing me out, but we are looking forward to seeing alot of the Ohio family. Then we are headed back for a week in Knoxville. Andy is driving back and leaving me and Maddie for a few more days, then she and I are flying back alone. I'm getting more and more stressed about this trip as it gets I need a lot of prayers right now!

Alright, I think that is it for our updates! Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday off to Christmas shop!