Monday, October 20, 2008

Grandpa and Mimi!

We had a great weekend with Grandpa and Mimi! I'm very appreciative that they let us stick with our normal weekend routine, which is a lot of couch time, football, and relaxing. We did manage to get out for dinner on Saturday night, and church on Sunday morning, and my baby was an absolute ANGEL both times. I was so happy! She absolutely loved Mimi's funny faces and Grandpa's famous "Donald Duck" voice. I feel really lucky that Maddie has wonderful grandparents on all sides of the family to love her. Plus, not everyone has such awesome in-laws, so I am doubly blessed! On a side note, I have started a Picasa account to keep all my baby pictures on a web album. So if anyone is interested in ordering prints, they just need to go to:

If you select one of the Galleries, you will be able to view pictures, download them to your computer, or order prints from Shutterfly or Walgreen's. I think this is a great way to share pictures, in addition to backing them up in yet one more place! It's alot faster and easier than emailing out pics, and it won't crash your inbox. (Picasa is not paying me, I just like it THAT MUCH!).

Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Better Late than Never...

I hope you enjoy the video above! I wanted to put it at the top in case you looked at my Blog and thought "Holy Crap, that's alot of reading...never mind!" Like so many other things, I have been neglecting the dear old blog (just put it on the list with my hair, shaving, sleep, and several other things that I can't seem to get around to during the day). precious baby girl is asleep for a minute so I thought I would try to put a few thoughts down while I can.

**FIRST AND FOREMOST** I know most of my family already knows this, but if I haven't talked to you, you may remember me talking about my friend Erica that I use to work with at Initech, oh wait, I mean Staff Care. Erica and Jake are responsible for the amazing maternity shots of Maddie, and they are just all around great people. I would just like to request lots of prayers and good thoughts to their family as they are going through a difficult time with their pregnancy (Erica is pregnant with triplets and is very high-risk). Erica has been admitted to the hospital and will be there until her babies reach viability...I'm sure they wouldn't mind me sharing since they believe in the power of prayer and want as much as they can get. You can read Erica's blog (I have a link to it) for the full scoop, but suffice it to say they need prayers for themselves, their family, and most of all their little angel babies. I am crying as I type this so I will move on, but please pray because this family deserves all the happiness in the world and God works miracles every day...let them be a miracle!

As for an update on my little family, Maddie is growing so much and is starting to develop her personality. Unfortunately, it seems to be more like mine :( She is very happy...unless she is hungry, tired, bored, lonely, dirty or just generally moody and then she is fussy. Luckily she is pretty easy to calm now that we know she doesn't cry unless the problem can be fixed. We just down the list of things that could be wrong until we find it. She loves to be wrapped in her favorite blanket, taking a warm bath with Mommy or Daddy, or just being snuggled and talked to. My good sleeper has disappeared....for the last several days she wants to eat every 2 hours day and night. Andy has really stepped up to help so I can get a little sleep. I by no means expect her to sleep through the night for several more weeks...but I'm still hoping this phase passes soon!

Grandpa G and MiMi will be here next weekend and we are all so excited...I am especially excited about the night out MiMi offered. Anyone who doesn't think I am jumping on free babysitting doesn't know me very well!

I am going to try and make a better effort to update this, since Maddie is changing every day...and I guess Andy and are too! We are just doing our best to be good parents and stay sane, and as usual we hit a few snags here and there! :) Here are some new pictures..

Maddie and Crazy Auntie LaLa...

B-I-G stretch on the above mentioned favorite blanket!

On a Playdate with Jordana...
she is having fun, I swear!

How cute is this outfit?!?!

Pretty Baby....

Whooo Hooo for baths!

Catching some ZZZZs....

Right before she peed on the towel, blanket, and her PJs.