Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bad Mommy Mishap

Have you ever had one? I know I have enough to make me wonder if I should call child-protective services on myself. If ever a little girl had a guardian angel, it was Maddie. As many little scrapes as she gets herself into, I can always thankfully say, "Well, it could have been MUCH WORSE." Example: Bad Mommy Mishap #10,492--the Bubble Incident.

Maddie LOVES bubbles. She lives for them. So on days when the weather is warm enough, we try to get in some bubble time before her bath. Her Gymboree class has a fun little activity where the teacher blows bubbles with a cool blower...let's call it "Exhibit A" in the negligence case against me.
Miss Maddie is also a very independent creature, she loves to try and blow the bubbles herself. Hence, "Exhibit B":

So, the other day while I was happily drawing with sidewalk chalk (another favorite activity), Miss Independent snagged the cool bubble blower and took of with it. I never even noticed, until I heard the dreaded "Whap...pause...SCREAM" that every mother knows and fears.

"Exhibit C": The effects of my derelict parenting.

Here's another shot:

BUT, it could have been much worse, after all. She didn't knock out one of those precious blue eyes, Andy is still willing to let me try to raise another one of his children, and no one (as of yet) has reported me to the police. Looks like we both have a guardian angel.


Kate said...

Oh dear. Glad she's OK. I would not worry about it too much since all her limbs and facial features are still intact. You have not had a fulfilling childhood unless you come out with a few scars. These things happen =) Love and miss you all.

Audra Lynn said...

don't beat yourself up. strange things happen. i mean, come on. aidan tripped over his own two feet and earned his harry potter scar. they can hurt themselves without involving random household objects.

drmcbride79 said...

Ok i have had a broken leg and 3 chipped teeth top that!!! By the way.. i cryed reading this... you need your own show.

The Harts said...

There will be more mishaps to come-try not to worry over it. It's all part of raising little ones :-).