Monday, July 26, 2010

Hair-Dos and Hair-Don'ts with Maddie

Maddie is starting to enter that magical time when a child stops being a baby and starts being a little girl...and a little girly-girl at that! She is getting more and more willing to wear pretty clothes, although a t-shirt and shorts are still her favorite outfit...well, next to PJs...and her birthday suit. She even has started asking for me to do her hair ("Mama, PONYTAILS!"). Probably because she can't see when her sheepdog hair is in her eyes. We have a lot of fun looking in the mirror, as you can see!

Wearing Lila's Headband

She's obsessed with toothbrushes and my hair mousse! See it in her lap?

And of course, Little Miss Lila is already a little princess, because she has no choice in what she wears! She just needs some more hair!

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